Elk Horn Library Board Minutes - Thursday, October 20th at 12pm


Call to order by Faith at 12:05pm

Roll Call: Faith Petersen, Deb King, Nancy Watson, Don Struve and Alissa LaCanne.

Minutes: Distributed and reviewed. Approval of the Sept minutes motion by Deb, 2nd Don, ayes all, motion carried.

Treasurer's/Financial Report: Sept bills and current financial reports/budget to date were shared and reviewed. Special Library fund is currently $22,619.45. Motion to approve by Nancy, 2nd Deb, ayes all, motion carried.

Librarian‘s Report:
• Circulation and programming numbers still going strong. LaJissa is planning for 2023’s early out programming which may possibly include a bowling league.

•Haunted Library again with the LEO Club. Set-up will be Oct 23rd. Display will be up from the 24th – 26th with school groups visiting on the 26th.  
• Ken Jordan is on for Nov 3rd at 6pm for another sourdough bread workshop.
•Murder Mystery for adults on Nov 5th is now postponed due to the huge increase in cost to purchase the package. Alissa will look into other options after the 1st of the year.

• The annual Christmas train will be set up for Julefest again this year, and the annual cookie walk is planned for Dec 10th at 10am.

Unfinished Business
• Logo: Alissa still working with A+ Designs on merchandise quantities and pricing and would like to get the order in soon for the holidays.

•Donation wall: Deb will ask Lydia Wahlert if she would be able to help finish the cricut project.
• Monogram Foods: grant was awarded for children’s programming for the school year for $3,000
• Outdoor improvement plan: grant was denied

• Technology updates with Professional Computer Solutions is being scheduled for November.

• Deb brought up an old discussion of the need for window shades for the large windows and Alissa will order some and get them installed

•Accreditation service responses were discussed.  The board and Alissa agreed to focus and expand on: 1. Express Creativity: Create and Share Content, 2. Visit a Comfortable Place: Physical and Virtual Spaces, and 3. Discover Your Roots: Genealogy and Local History.

New Business:
• Calla stepped down from the library board and her role as secretary in September. The board posted the opening and had 3 persons interested in joining.  The board discussed the candidates.  Deb moved, 2nd Nancy to offer the trustee role with a summary of all that is involved in the role to Vera Petersen. Ayes all, motion carried.

• Nancy moved, 2nd Don to approve the annual library report due to the state by Oct 31st with Faith’s signature.  Ayes all, motion carried.

• Alissa is working on a cultural pass with the Audubon, Atlantic and Harlan Libraries to offer tri-county museum and historic passes to be available for free check-outs at each library location.

• Alissa updated the board on the installation of cameras on the city/library due to stolen library materials.


Board Education: Handouts to the board from the Trustees Handbook that include recruiting new trustees and their roles and responsibilities. 15 minutes

Meeting adjourned at 1pm.  Next meeting date and time: Nov 17th at 12pm


Alissa LaCanne