Elk Horn Library Board Minutes - Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Call to order by Faith at 10:05 am

Roll Call: Calla Poldberg (phone), Faith Petersen, Deb King and Alissa LaCanne. Don Struve and Nancy Watson were out of town.

Minutes: Distributed and reviewed. Approval of the May minutes motion by Deb, 2nd Calla, ayes all, motion carried.

Treasurer's/Financial Report: May bills and current financial reports/budget to date were shared and reviewed. Special Library fund is currently $22,217.03. June bills were approved/paid by City Council at their June meeting. Any more expenses in June will be recorded for July. Unable to roll unspent library dollars to Special Library Fund.
Reviewed FY 23 budget amount. Need to have Jody reinforce the sculpture for safety issues with strong winds blowing on that side of the library. Alissa will ask Jody to do so and submit a bill. Motion to approve financial report and bills by Calla, Deb 2nd, ayes all, motion carried. Reviewed memorials and donations. See handouts.

Librarian‘s Report:
Reviewed programming and circulation reports.
Attendance up. Summer programming going great and very busy.
Tivoli activities went well with #320 attending in 3 hours.
Book Club met at the winery in June.
Teen area finished. Tile and trim fixed. Andy donated his labor and supplies. Thank you!

Unfinished Business
Logo: Deb will finish final touches on design and will go from there.
Hoopla: nothing yet

New Business:
Emily Bricker started two weeks ago. Irelynd McCarthy also hired and has started orientation. Both are doing well and catch on quickly. Working on expanding outreach through social media for teens/ tweens.
Alissa contacted Amanda at Harlan Library regarding technology support. They utilize a company from Denison, Professional Computer Solutions. PCS will come and evaluate our IT capability/needs for $183.00 and will go from there before purchasing hardware or software.
Alissa planning vacation from July 16-22
Used book sale planned for Crazy Dane Days on Saturday, July 9. Cleaning shelves to make room.
Need more space for children’s books. Beaner Thompson working on an estimate.
Considering moving copier and converting walk-in closet of teen area to a work space.
Board Education
Calla shared key points from the last Boardroom Series webinar from Thursday, May 26. One important point was regarding book challenges. Board discussed EH Library policy regarding book/materials challenges. Local school library has had several book challenges recently. Alissa will review library policy for book and material purchases again. Discussion followed. Board education of 15 minutes today.
Meeting adjourned at 11:30am.  Next meeting July13, 2022 – 10 am.
Calla L. Poldberg,