Elk Horn Library Board Minutes Thursday, March 18, 2021

Call to order:  by Faith Petersen, president, at 6pm.  Virtual meeting with all handouts, reports, and agenda sent out by email in advance.


Roll call:  Alissa at the Library, Faith, Calla, Janice, Nancy and Deb attended virtually.


Minutes:  Approved the February board minutes as written.  Motion to accept by Calla, seconded by Nancy, ayes all motion carry.


Treasurer report:  General fund:  The library is required to bring in $12,000.00 per year.  This does not include our special library fund.  As of March 1, 2021 our special library fund is now $10,075.73.  Our CD is $37,619.19.  


Alissa and Calla attended the March 1, 2021, City Council meeting.  They were seeking clarification on the amount in the Special Library Fund. They were both very disappointed in the clarification.  We need an accurate budget for 2021/2022.  Questions were not addressed even with specifically asked questions.  


Alissa went through and made many corrections to correct the budget categories/GL accounts.  She has asked for confirmation of these corrections.  Alissa is still seeking confirmation for these changes to be made.  She has examples of several corrections that need to be made.


Calla made a motion to pay February bills as presented.  Deb seconded this motion, ayes all motion carried.  


Unfinished Business:

Children’s Librarian Job Description was approved.  Alissa will post this position immediately.  She will interview for this position, as we would like the new person to start soon to take over for Christina.  Salary will be based on experience.  The range will be between $11-$13/hr.  Nancy made a motion to approve the job description and salary range.  Janice seconded, ayes by all, motion carried.  


Programming room contract policy has been updated.  Card players are interested in returning to this room.  Fee for outside groups is $15 cleaning fee with a maximum of 15 people.  Card players approved to meet. They have prepaid their cleaning fee through many donations.  Motion to approve the contract was made by Calla and seconded by Deb.  Ayes by all, motion carried. 


Budget remains unfinished.  We need a finalized 2021/2022 budget. Correction of budget categories.  Employee raises were approved at the Elk Horn City council meeting.  Raises will take effect July, 2021.  We do not have a budget to approve from the city.   We will carry this motion to our April meeting.  This was again pushed back a month from our March meeting.


Librarians report:  circulation continues to stay strong.  Alissa has been very creative to spark interest in new books and fun reading.  Shelby Co Foundation Grant - we received $1000.00 to finish the landscaping.  Alissa will talk to Kevin to get this completed before Tivoli.  


New Business:  Tivoli ideas and summer programming

The Tivoli Theme this year “Tivoli Lite” as it is a one day celebration.  

Alissa has several fun ideas for Tivoli.  She is planning activities outside.  We will also try to incorporate a book sale.  We will also offer concessions with bottled water, soda and popsicles


Summer Library programming is underway. 


Board Education:  

We went over Chap 1 IA Library Trustee handbook.  

Next month we will go over City Library ordinance.


Next meeting April 15, at 6pm. 


Respectfully submitted by Janice Greve