Elk Horn Library Board Minutes Thursday, April 21, 2022

Call to order by Faith at 12:00pm

Roll Call: Calla Poldberg, Nancy Watson, Faith Petersen, Don Struve, Deb King and Alissa LaCanne.

Minutes: Distributed and reviewed. Approval of the March minutes motion by Deb, 2nd Don, ayes all, motion carried.

Treasurer's/Financial Report: March bills and current financial reports/budget to date were shared and reviewed in detail. Special Library fund is currently $19,757.02. Reviewed recent donations. Motion to approve financial report and bills by Don, Nancy 2nd, ayes all, motion carried.

See handouts. Librarian‘s Report: • Reviewed programming reports and shared circulation reports. Circulation is up. • National Library Week reviewed. Overall good attendance and response to planned events. • Book Club will meet Saturday, April 30 at Norse Horse. • April calendar revisions shared with several programs added including program from Humanities Iowa, book signing with Dave Pedersen, and Arbor Day activities including 25 saplings to give. • Community meet and greet for City of Elk Horn staff scheduled for Sunday, April 24 1-3 pm

Unfinished Business • Grants: drone grant approved will be receiving mini drones and will incorporate into summer program • Taste of Tivoli: brainstormed ideas for float that would tie foods to the library or reading • Summer reading program: plan is nearly finished and looks like a busy summer • Have moved some bookshelves/fireplace/chairs and working on renovations to young adult area • Technology issues: having ongoing networking and computer problems since wireless hub was moved by METC staff. Alissa will check with METC to see if they can come back and check on networking issues. Also discussed looking into an IT support person or company for the library. • Logo: Deb King shared update on high school students working on logo for the library. She is providing feedback to students and their instructor and hope to have some logos to share with board in May. Six students from Exira-EHK came with their instructor, Mrs. Teegerstrom, to tour the library and get ideas for their logo development. Thank you, Deb!

New Business: • Emily Bricker has been hired to work part-time in the library. Welcome Emily and feel she will be a great addition to library staff.

Board Education Don Struve has watched the Trustee’s Handbook educational on Iowa Learns and is having problems getting evaluation done. Alissa will help him after the meeting. Alissa shared copies of Chapter 7 on planning for the library’s future from the Trustees Handbook which was reviewed and discussed for a total of 30 minutes of board education today. Deb King also shared suggestions and creative ideas from a course she watched about capturing feedback from library patrons beyond purely numbers including gathering stakeholder and community input and offering incentives.

Meeting adjourned at 1: 30 pm Next meeting May 19, 2022 – 12 noon

Calla L. Poldberg, Secretary