Elk Horn Library Board Minutes December 2020

Dec 17, 2020 - Alissa at the Elk Horn Public Library, others joined the meeting virtually

Members present:  Calla, Deb, Nancy, Alissa, Janice & Faith 


Minutes were read.  Calla made a motion to approve; seconded by Deb, ayes by all. 


Treasurer report:  Special Library Fund $31,414.68. This includes the final payment for landscaping.   We have a $60,000 CD which is up for renewal Jan 23, 2021.

We will get a few more details and vote on this at our Jan meeting.  

Memorials & donations continue to come in.  

Motion to accept treasurer report made by Calla, seconded by Deb all in favor, ayes by all. 


Motion to move our January meeting to Jan 14th to make a decision on the CD. 

Mon Jan 4th city council will meet - Alissa will attend this meeting.  


Librarians report:  Survey was sent out to parents to get feedback for future programming.   Train display reached over 1,600 people on social media.  Harlan newspaper did a nice article to support our library.  


Staff evaluations 

-Christina plans - the board asked Alissa to get a plan for Christina’s employment going forward through May.  Currently she is working 1-2 hrs per week to set up and prepare the grab and go kits.  


We suggested the new position to be considered the Children’s Librarian instead of Assistant Director.  

Alissa will talk to Christina to get a game plan so she knows when to advertise and hire help for the summer and next school year.  We ask that Alissa make cleaning part of this role as well for the new hire.  

The budget for this past yr balanced out with Alissa picking up more hrs as Christina was far less than normal due to covid.  

Alissa will write a grant for the plants to the Shelby Co Comm Found.  There is also another STEM grant she may apply for.


Board Education: 3-5 hrs of learning through the Iowa Libraries.  Handbook should be available Jan 28, 2021


At 7pm the board voted to enter closed session to review Alissa’s performance review along with her annual performance session evaluation. 

Calla-  voted yes to closed session

Deb- voted yes to closed session 

Faith- voted yes to closed session 

Janice - voted yes to closed session 

Faith led us through the employee evaluation for Alissa 

We were all in favor of the outstanding job Alissa does.  Faith will go over this evaluation with Alissa during a private meeting.  

We talked about Christmas bonuses which are provided by the board of directors.  Alissa will receive $100, Christina $50, $25 to each student.  


7:30pm we came out of the closed session.  This motion was made by Calla, seconded by Deb and approved by all.  



Janice Greve, Secretary