Elk Horn Library Board Minutes Aug 19, 2021

Call to order:  by Faith at 6pm, at the Elk Horn Public Library


Roll call:  Alissa, Calla, Faith, Janice, and Deb attended.  Nancy was absent.


Minutes:  Deb made a motion to approve July minutes as read.  Faith seconded Deb's motion.  Ayes by all.


Treasurer report:  Special library Fund $13,085.41

Monthly bills were reviewed and approved.

Calla made a motion to approve the Treasurer report, seconded by Deb.  Ayes all.


Librarian Report

August book club went great.  This will continue through the fall.  One more movie in the park.  Murder Mystery is scheduled for Saturday.  Kenzie Menter wrote a book.  Deb formatted and illustrated this book.  She will have a book signing on Aug 30th.


Unfinished Business

Fall schedules ready to go.  Welcome packages for teachers ready to go.  Logo is still in the works.  ARPA Grant approved $5000.  We have purchased technology equipment.  We will then submit our invoices for reimbursement.  Alissa will demonstrate these next meeting.  Landscaping - We are able to use grant money to pay for art work and a mural.  Deb will paint and mural and Jody will build the artwork.  LaJissa's scheduling went well.


New Business

The board suggested a class for adult programming on how to use the library.


Board Education

We reviewed chapter 5 pt 1 of the BoardRoom series.  We spent 30 minutes reviewing the BoardRoom series.


Next meeting Sept 16h at 6pm.


Repectfully submitted by Janice Greve