Elk Horn Library Board Minutes - Monday, February 20th at 12pm

Call to order by Faith at 12:04 pm

Roll Call: Faith Petersen, Deb King, Alissa LaCanne, Don Struve, Nancy Watson, Vera Petersen

Minutes: Distributed and reviewed. Approval of the January minutes motion by Nancy, 2nd Don, ayes all, motion carried.

Treasurer's/Financial Report: Jan. bills and current financial reports/budget to date were shared and reviewed. Special Library Fund is currently $28,563.62. Motion to approve by Don, 2nd Vera, ayes all, motion carried.

Librarian‘s Report:
* Book Club 9 adults, 4 teens

*Hygge Event – 38 in library, 3 new library cards

* Playgroup 26 moms and kids

* Daycare storytime started Feb 14, 12 kids did a craft with LaJissa. She will do it once a month


Upcoming Events:

March - Murder mystery – Old West Themed Sat. March 25th Master grillers will cater

April – book club “Remarkably bright Creatures”


Unfinished business:

Accreditation – long range plan goals were discussed

Ordinance was discussed

Motion to approve update to ordinance & policies and approve accreditation application: Nancy, Don 2nd ayes all


New business:

Faith will step down off of the board – the board accepted Faith’s resignation

The vacancy on the trustee board will be posted on social media

Nancy nominated Don Struve for president, Vera 2nd, ayes all motion carried.


Staff evaluations of other employees were read to the board by Alissa.


Damage to front of building – approved finances to fix building Hector $627.03


Hannah’s cleaning wages – She is currently at $10 per hour, the city raised her pay, the board will wait to evaluate her cleaning and decide if a raise is warranted in a few months.


Board Education -  Policy reviews, Issues with Iowa learns, 30 minutes


Meetings will be 4th Mondays


Meeting adjourned -1:15

Next meeting date and time: Monday, March 27th, 12:00


Deborah King, Secretary