Elk Horn Library Board Minutes October 2020

Held:  EH Public Library Oct 15, 2020


Members:  Alissa, Janice, Nancy, Faith, Calla, Deb 


Minutes were read, and amended.  Calla made a motion to make the following corrections to the Sept minutes.  The Minutes were read.  Calla made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Faith, ayes by all, motion carried. 


Calla nominated Faith as our President.  Janice seconded this motion, ayes by all motion carried.  


Treasurer report:  $31;577.54

Memorials and donations continue to come in.  


Bills:  We did not have a copy of the Sept bills so we moved we will view both sept and oct bills at the Nov meeting.  


Librarians report:  

Annual survey is due Oct 31st. 

Grant from SCCF $1,500 for nonfiction books and STEM kit supplies 

Aureon grant submitted for $1,500.00

Grab & Go kits continue to do well.  We had 46 kits in October picked up.  


Alissa is planning a story walk around the library outside for Halloween.  The high school leadership kids will come help set it up.  The school has agreed to bus kids over throughout the week for kids to participate.


New Business 

Jack and Jonas have completed their 90 day employment and will be increased to $7.50/ hr.  

Christina is currently working approximately 6 hrs per week. Alissa is working approximately 28 hrs per week.  Jack & Jonas fill in where needed. 



Boardroom seminar series this month was on trustee handbooks.  The handbooks are not completed yet.  

Iowa Learns is a program for staff and trustees.  Alissa will send the trustees the information to log in and start accumulating hours of education.  

New trustee handbook is expected to be ready by the first of the year.  


Our next meeting will be Nov 19th