Bylaws of the Elk Horn Public Library Board of Trustees, hereafter referred to as the Board. 



The Board will comply with the Iowa Code in all questions of library law and governance and will further comply with the regulations set forth in the city's library ordinance. The Board's specific powers and duties are set forth in the library ordinance.



Board Meetings:

The Board shall meet monthly in the Elk Horn Library's conference area.


A quorum shall consist of 3 members (from its total membership of 5 trustees).


The Board shall comply with Iowa's Open Meeting law by printing and publicly posting a copy of its agenda 24 hours prior to the meeting.


The Board shall record its proceedings as minutes and shall keep copies of the minutes available for public inspection.


The Director of the Elk Horn Public Library shall be present and participating at each meeting of the Board.


The Board will conduct its meeting according to parliamentary procedure as detailed in the latest edition of Robert's Rule of Order.



Officers and Committees:

Officers shall be the Board president, secretary and treasurer and shall be elected at the January meeting.


The president shall preside at all meetings, appoints all committees, and generally performs all duties associated with the office.  In the absence of the president, the secretary shall assume the president's duties. The secretary shall record all proceedings of the Board. The treasurer shall be responsible for the improvement fund providing regular reports to the Elk Horn City Council. One trustee will be designated to be responsible for the memorial fund which includes accepting donations, acknowledging gifts, and dispersing funds at the direction of the board.



Major Functions:

Hire and evaluate the library director.


Set salaries and benefits for the library's personnel.


Participate in the budget process and secure adequate financial support for the library's operations and services.


Set policies for the library's operations and services.


Engage in planning for the library's future


Ensure library director and staff participation in training and continuing education.


Participate in Board training and educational opportunities.


Ensure the library's involvement in State Library and Regional System initiatives.




These bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the Board with a quorum present, by a unanimous vote of the members present.


Adopted By Board Trustees:


January 2003




January 2006


February 2009


February 2013


October 2018


January 2020