Elk Horn Public Library

Internet Policies


Responsibility of Users:

The Elk Horn Public Library provides computers for public use, allowing access to the Internet, the
library’s online resources, Microsoft Office software, and early literacy stations. Wireless access to the Internet
is also available.

The library uses a network wide filter to protect minors from obscene and/or violent images, to limit ability
to download and upload files, and to protect the network from unauthorized changes. Due to the widespread
use of personal communication methods such as e-mail and chat services, it remains the responsibility of the
parents or legal guardians to teach and monitor safe practices.

The Elk Horn Public Library is not responsible for the content on the Internet or any of its subscribed databases. This includes changes in content from library-linked sources. Availability of information does not constitute endorsement.

Guidelines for Use of Library Computers:

Use of the computer will be on a first come, first serve basis.   Although there is a no time limit as a condition of use, users agree that if someone is waiting they will make the computer available within 20 minutes of being informed by Library staff that another person is waiting.

The library is not responsible for any damage or loss of data arising from using library hardware or
software. Only computer equipment and software owned by the library and previously installed may be used on
the library’s computers, with the exception of patron-owned flash drives.

Library staff will be glad to assist patrons in using the Internet.   Because of the many applications available over the Internet, the staff may not be familiar with specific programs patrons wish to use.  In these cases, the patron is responsible for learning how to use the program. 

Articles may be printed at $.10 per page.

No personal programs can be downloaded and no personal files or programs can be saved to the
library’s computers or network.

Adding, deleting, or modifying already installed hardware or software is not permitted.

Patrons are discouraged from accessing or sending personal information, such as credit card numbers,
banking information, or social security numbers using the library’s computers.

Wireless Internet service is available in the library with access information available from a librarian. The library cannot accept liability for any risk taken by patrons who choose to connect their personal device to the wireless network. The wireless network is an open, unsecured network. Privacy on the library’s network is not guaranteed.


The Elk Horn Public Library may utilize social networking sites to further its mission to connect library users and community residents. The library's participation in a social networking service does not constitute endorsement of the content or views expressed by the participants, including staff. The library is not liable or responsible for content posted by any participant in a library sponsored social networking service or for any event or interaction that takes place through any social networking service.

Comments posted to the library's social networking sites will be monitored and inappropriate content will be removed as soon as possible and without prior notice. The library reserves the right to remove inappropriate content. The library disclaims any and all responsibility and liability for any materials deemed inappropriate for posting which cannot be removed in an expeditious and otherwise timely manner.

 Adopted By Board of Trustees:

January 2003


Reviewed by Board of Trustees:

January 2006

February 2009

February 2013

January 2016

January 2020

February 2023