Elk Horn Public Library

Collection Development Policy


Selection of Materials:

The function of the library is to assemble, organize, preserve and make easily and freely available to all people printed and non-printed material. Involved in the choice of materials are the experience and knowledge of the staff selecting materials, their familiarity with the community, its needs, demands, the existing collection and the library's material budget. Though most of the materials added to the library are selected by the librarians, recommendations for material from citizens of the community and board of trustees are encouraged. Materials are judged on the basis of the work as a whole, not on a part taken out of context. Reviews in professional journals are used in the selection process and are sought whenever possible. However, the lack of a review or an unfavorable review shall not be the sole reason for rejecting a title which is in demand by library patrons. The final responsibility for materials selection and the development of the library collection rest with the librarians, who work under the authority of and the policies determined by the Board of Trustees.


Selection of materials for the library collection cannot be restricted by the possibility that minors may obtain materials their parents consider inappropriate.  Responsibility for reading and viewing of minors rests with their parents and legal guardians.


General Criteria for Material Selection:

1. Permanent or timely value

2. Accurate information

3. Authenticity

4. Potential usefulness

5. Clarity and logic presentation

6. Present and potential relevance to community needs

7. Relation to existing collection

8. Reputation, skill, and competence of author

9. Appeal (popular or limited)

10. Price


Collection Maintenance:

The library uses the C.R.E.W. (Continuous Review Evaluation Weeding) Method for discarding items
from the collection. Weeding of materials is influenced by:
· Accuracy of information
· Condition
· Relevancy
· Circulation statistics for the item



In accepting donations of any material in good condition intended for the library, the final decision is made by the librarian or board of trustees. The same criteria for inclusion in the collection that are used for purchase decisions shall be applied to gifts. The library reserves the right to dispose of any gifts when they are no longer useful. Library staff will provide receipts upon request. It is up to the donor to determine the value of
the items donated.


Challenged Materials:

The library recognizes that some materials are controversial and that some items may offend some patrons. Selection of materials will be made on the basis of the principals stated in this selection policy. The library board believes that anyone is free to reject for himself/herself books of which he/she does not approve, but he cannot exercise the right of censorship to restrict the freedom to read of others. Library material will not be marked or identified to show approval or disapproval of their contents and no material will be sequestered. Patrons concerned about particular material may complete a "Statement of Concern About Library Resources". The objection will be placed on the agenda of the next regular scheduled meeting of the Elk Horn Library Board of Trustees for a final decision.


Adopted by Board of Trustees:

January 2003


Reviewed by Board of Trustees:

January 2006

February 2009

February 2013

January 2016

January 2020

February 2023